What We Do

We are all about results. Drive Marketing Group engineers world-class, data-driven, and innovative strategies for automotive brands across the globe, by transforming the consumer experience. We are a specialized team with over 45 years of combined experience in the automotive and after-market industry.

In addition to our experience in an ever evolving industry, we are also the only Automotive Marketing Associate Agency in The New Car Dealers Association of BC.  Our clients range from Global & National Automotive Manufacturers, Regional Manufacturer Groups, National Dealer Groups, National Tire Brands, International Auto Shows, and Global Motorsports.

How we do

Our mission is to grow automotive brands by continuously taking incremental steps in the right direction. Drive Marketing Group has a proven track record that demonstrates just how valuable we can be as part of your marketing team.

Authentic Automotive Relationships

In-house, Cost Effective, Result Driven

Polished Final Production